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Lesson 01.1: Installing Visual Studio Community Edition 2022

When you want to write a letter, you might use a word processing program. When you want to write a program, you use a code editor – sometimes also called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

I’ll use the free version of Visual Studio as the IDE in these videos. The current version is Visual Studio Community Edition 2022.

You can write a C# program without an editor. However, it is probably 10 times more difficult. So, we’ll use an editor.

Downloading Visual Studio Community Edition 2022

These lesson were originally written with an earlier version of Visual Studio. Here is a video to download the latest version of Visual Studio Community Edition. Please watch it to the end, as it will show how to prevent the problem of mixing different versions of .NET. This has been the biggest source of problems people have encountered with these lessons – using .NET Core, .NET 5, or .NET 6 when the lessons were written for .NET Framework.

The installer is available at:

NOTE: Most of the lesson videos were made with the older version of Visual Studio, so there will be slight differences in how VS 2022 looks. However, all the lessons work with VS 2022.

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