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A new home for the SOSCSRPG project

Welcome to the new home for the SOSCSRPG project!

Why move the lessons from

I have more ideas than I have time/energy/focus, and need some help.

So, I’ve been looking for someone to handle many of the tasks that need to be done, but don’t need to be done by me – like audio cleanup, video editing, formatting and editing the lessons, etc. With the right person, not only will I be able to create lessons faster, but some of those tasks might be done at a higher level of quality.

If you know someone who can do these types of things, please send me a message through I don’t have a big budget, but can afford a bit of money to pay for this work.

But why use a different domain?

I’m OK with having someone else work on, but I want to be the only person who can work on After all, that website is “me”, it’s my name, and I’ve had that domain for over 20 years.

How did the transfer work?

Slowly and painfully 🙁

Both websites use WordPress. The original lessons were written in the “classic editor”. Nowadays, WordPress really wants people to use their new Gutenberg editor. And, copy-pasting lessons between the two editors did not work well.

Someone volunteered to clean up one of the lessons. Then, with one lesson in both formats, I wrote a quick WPF program to convert the other lessons, as accurately as possible. However, there was still some manual cleanup I needed to do, and it’s likely there are problems I missed.

If you notice any problems in the lessons (broken links, missing images/files, bad formatting, etc.), please leave a comment on the lesson. I’ll try to fix them as quickly as possible.

How can these lessons be better?

Some things already on the list are:

  • The first few lessons are video only. Create text to go along with the videos.
  • Update lessons with older tools (for example, update the Visual Studio 2015 installation lesson to the last version of Visual Studio)
  • At the bottom of each lesson, have a link to the next lesson (and maybe the previous lesson)

If you have any thoughts on how this site, or the lessons, would be more useful for you, please leave a comment below.


  1. 037
    037 2021-07-25

    Im just sad that all comments are now not there anymore. There were helpful and inspiring things.
    But I am happy that you will make this Project bigger, I am learning so much from you.

      SOSCSRPG 2021-07-25

      Thanks! I’ll see if there is a way to import the comments.

      I just set up a recording area in my new apartment, so I can start creating new videos again.

  2. Jean Barros
    Jean Barros 2021-08-24

    Thank you so much for all your effort and for sharing your knowledge.
    I really appreciate it and hope you can pull together everything you need to keep this alive.

  3. Max
    Max 2022-11-03

    It’s so much fun to learn building a RPG game like this, I am happy I found your website

      SOSCSRPG 2022-11-04

      Thanks Max! I’m glad to hear you like it. 🙂

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